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These are all great reasons to find out more about the rapidly growing LINQ Partner Network supported by Fill The Gap.

With LINQ discovery is 10x faster, while identifying areas for improvement that deliver better outcomes that will differentiate you from your competitors and elevate you to trusted advisor status.

Being a LINQ Partner allows you to create a digital representation, or Digital Twin of your client’s operation. Once you know how they operate today, you can identify the opportunities to evolve their business, modelling these scenarios of change before they implement them in the real world.


Get more clients at higher rates getting better outcomes, faster!higher

With almost all organisations on the planet looking for ways they can pivot to avoid new threats or leverage new opportunities presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s a growing need for Consultants to rapidly deliver insights that can support evidence based decision making.


Prior to LINQ, discovery and requirements definition took far too long and was an expensive part of any project. Requirements gathering with LINQ is 10x faster, and produces significantly better information to allow projects to be prioritised based on their contribution to strategic outcomes.

If you have customers that know they need to transform, but are suffering from decision paralysis resulting from too many projects to choose from, or not enough evidence to provide guidance on expected return on investment – LINQ will allow you to get information to the decision makers that makes their jobs much easier, and gets your projects funded and underway.


LINQ allows you to create a digital twin of your customers’ processes, tagging areas of the business that could be improved to provide Rapid Impact Assessments within hours rather than weeks or months.

For a limited time, we are offering FREE* access to the LINQ Consulting Partner Programme for Consultants and System Integrators.

This is represents a saving of up to $24,000!

As Oceania Master Reseller for LINQ, we’ve put together a lifetime offer for Partners that come on to support organisations with their efforts to combat COVID-19 that includes:

  • Unlimited access to all current features and future enhancements of LINQ
  • Unlimited customer accounts**
  • Unlimited customer projects
  • Opportunities to earn finders fees for customers that procure LINQ subscriptions
  • Access the the Fill The Gap Partner enablement training program 

This program is not for everyone though! This program is designed for Consultants and System Integrators that are really good at what they do, and keen to deliver greater value to more clients faster. 

If you’re looking to simply increase the number of hours you’re working on existing clients, then the LINQ Consulting Partner Program is NOT for you. 

LINQ is going to significantly REDUCE the number of hours you spend on each project! However, you will find that you can charge more per hour without being pressured for discounts, you’ll deliver insight 10x faster, and your clients will love you leading to more clients.


If you’re a small business or sole trader, we know the hard work you put in to support your clients’ businesses while balancing the needs of your own.

And yet your clients still rave about you, and you’re considered by many to be a leader in your field.

Maintaining a steady pipeline (without working yourself into the ground) can be a challenge while actively engaged in client projects. 

When you do get time to pitch, it’s difficult to convince decision makers of the value projects will deliver, and sometimes you struggle to provide evidence of a process that will guarantee results.

We can help you with this…

If you’re accepted as a LINQ Consulting Partner, we’ll provide you with the tools to be able to:

  • Price your work based on the value delivered rather than time spend with the client,
  • Arm your decision makers with evidence that makes it almost negligent to say no,
  • Remove decision paralysis associated with multiple projects competing for your budget, and
  • Turn one of projects into lifetime clients.
Win more faster

System Integrators

If you work for one of the larger SI’s, there’s plenty LINQ can do to make your life easier and let you lock like a Rockstar in front of your clients and peers.

We know that delivering on time and within budget is a key metric that gets drummed into you, and you’d love to be able to do this while delivering significant value to your client.

We also know that sometimes it can be a struggle to “sell” up in your own organisation, which similarly for clients, results in decision paralysis and reduced benefit to all parties.

You’ve got all tools (Visio, Word, Excel, Power Point etc), but these simply waste time rather than saving it, or generating benefit. You spend countless hours gathering and documenting requirements in tools poorly designed for collaboration, resulting in project management being disproportionately represented in the budget.

LINQ will let you:

  • Gather requirements 10 times faster than with traditional methods,
  • Provide your organisation and clients with rapid and dynamic insight DURING requirements gathering to allow evidence based decision making for the support of future phases,
  • Ensure that business value is considered and ultimately viewed as the driver for change and innovation.
Delighted clients that trust LINQ

Why use LINQ

Over the years we’ve seen many IT projects fail to deliver on their promise, often not even getting off the ground due to a lack of evidence supporting the case for transformation – LINQ mitigates many of the risks responsible for this. 

We haven’t seen a tool that comes close to LINQ’s ability to so efficiently build the business case for IT transformation, while capturing all the elements to ensure nothing gets forgotten.

make the most of your time

Capture you current state and model future states significantly faster than traditional tools and methodologies

gain buy-in with less resistance

Provide all the evidence decision-makers need with insights from your Information Supply Chains

get everyone on the same page

Create a clear and simple view of how your organisation actually operates that everyone understands

how LINQ works

Welcome to the Business Case Revolution!

“Change is the only constant in life” – Heraclitus

Writing an effective business case takes time and money … a lot of time and a lot of money … up to $200,000 and 900 hours!

LINQ can help to reduce that to $30,000 and also increase the likely success of your project, getting it to your decision maker in a quarter of the time.

Reduce your time to decision with LINQ.

Capture Digital Content in Real Time

Using LINQ, your team will capture content for your business case in real-time. As your Executives and Subject Matter Experts articulate the opportunity, content is created in LINQ immediately capturing the evidence your business case needs.

No more PostIt Notes, Whiteboard photos, or painful reviews as content is created after the fact.

Understand the Value of Change

LINQs unique approach considers business value from the very beginning. This new view of your organisation enables prioritisation of change to be considered before many business cases are written.

Business Value is the key to future organisational success; now you can immediately see where change will add to, or detract from creating new value.

Measure Your Success

By following the LINQ process, you will always be able to measure your success. By knowing where you are changing from, you can immediately assess the impact of your real-world change against the model created for the business case.

Now you know how to evolve your change to maximise your success – and you know how to avoid making the same mistakes next time!

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