LINQ case study
Vix Technology

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Without LINQ, the process of understanding the value of the opportunity to transform our business would take up to 10 times longer…
Phoebe Dunstan
Strategy Analyst
Vix LINQ Case Study

The Customer

Vix manages 5 billion payment transactions per year, securely and at lightning speed.

The Challenge

Vix needed to implement a standardised Finance system across the growing global group, but had little visibility of how the current systems worked, or what their TCO was for the proposed solution.

The Solution

LINQ’s Information Supply Chain view delivered the ability to communicate the opportunity for change by quickly understanding the effectiveness gains to be made through standardisation, delivering the business case for the transformation.

The Benefits

With the future state built in information terms, the implementation teams easily understood how to deliver the new solution ensuring that business outcomes were maintained and users were minimally disrupted, with the TCO lowered, enabling re-investment in other critical areas.

Without LINQ, the process of understanding the value of the opportunity to transform our business would take up to 10 times longer…

The VIX Story

As part of the OneVix initiative, Vix is working towards deploying a single financial platform to provide global visibility, transparency and accountability across company financial activities globally. Through the capture of Information Supply Chains, LINQ has enabled Vix to understand the internal cost and time consumed by their current financial processes.

With this knowledge, Vix were able to develop a change management strategy and clearly communicate the necessary steps to bring our regional entities onto the same global system enabling consistent financial management and reporting, and removing wastage in terms of duplicate tasks from across the group. Internal efficiency and a drive to global standardisation is a high priority for Vix, underpinned by their OneVix Strategy. The time taken, and the communication challenge of more traditional process mapping is significant.

Through the simple and effective methodology of the LINQ platform, Vix has been able to ensure everyone has the same understanding of their current state and therefore what is required to make the right decision against the objectives of the OneVix strategy.

The move to real-time capture of current state through LINQ’s platform reduced the traditional documentation time by a factor of 10. Vix has been able to ensure that the implementation succeeds, with clear expectations of the value delivered to the business through the single finance system allowing valuable resource to be directed to work of high value.

LINQ will continue to document the evolving current state, delivering continuous improvement by enabling the removal of wastage in the most valuable areas of the business in support of the OneVix strategic vision.