10 ways better communications
improve workforce safety

Communication is critical in any workforce.

When it comes to distributed workforces, effective communication becomes even more important. It’s essential to keeping distributed workforces safe and compliant, especially in high-risk industries like utilities, construction, mining, and others.

Unfortunately, business communication solutions often aren’t up to the task. Many organizations continue to rely on outdated, paper-based communications for aspects of safety and compliance, like auditing. Others utilize a mixture of different solutions and have no centralized way of managing them.  

When it comes to employee safety and workplace compliance, organizations need centralized digital communication tools that can be customized to a diverse variety of needs.

Whispir have shared 10 ways an optimised digital communication solution can enhance safety and compliance including the following:


  1. Immediately alerting your workforce to rule changes
  2. Keeping your workforce up-to-date on training
  3. Enabling automated workflows for hazard mitigation
  4. Improving auditability
  5. Letting you collect data through surveys and forms
  6. Enabling two-way communications
  7. Reducing management bottlenecks
  8. Encouraging more frequent incident reporting
  9. Empowering employees to take responsibility for safety and compliance
  10. Creating a broader culture of safety and compliance


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