Time, Place, Message... Channel

Getting the right content to the right people at the right time now requires more effort. People want to choose the channel they engage with you on, and they still want access to personalised and rich content.

Automated Workflows

Automating workflows doesn’t mean messages can’t be personalised. Take advantage of Whispir’s no-code workflow tool to create automated workflows for any scenario, reducing demand on call centres and ensuring your recipient receives the information they’re after as quickly as possible, on the platform they prefer to communicate on.

Message Builder

Create messages easily in the easy to use, drag and drop content creator, customising messages to suit any channel. Multi-lingual recipients, no problem, let them choose what language they receive their information in. Report and refine based on engagement results to continuously improve.

Smart Reporting

See what response every message gets in real time to get instant awareness of what is and isn’t connecting with your audience. Segment based on response and respond with intuitive and timely content.

Why Fill The Gap?

Using our Rapid Impact Assessment process, we are able to determine where you will get best bang for buck from your Whispir investment.
If you’re managing regular requests for information manually, or without personalisation, our Rapid Impact Assessment will show you in detail where you’re going to reduce workload, grow revenues and improve customer satisfaction.
We can build your business case and prove return on investment before you commit, providing evidence so that your decision makers understand the benefits to support your digital transformation.

Whispir is a global scale SaaS company, providing a communications workflow platform that automates interactions with people across all digital communication channels.

The Whispir platform integrates with pre-existing IT systems, enabling organisations to modernise legacy systems including: systems of record, systems of intelligence and systems of engagement.

Whispir is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

They have been in business for over 20 years with offices in; Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Philippines, Seattle & New York.

The Whispir customer base is global. With operations in over 16 countries. Whispir now powers 1.5 billion interactions with over 55 million people across 60 countries globally and counting.

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