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Whispir for ServiceNow® transforms service management through streamlined workflow communications bridging the gap between people, processes and the information needed for timely IT incident resolution and increased customer service.

Email alone cannot provide the necessary cut-through for key messages and major incident warnings that need an urgent response.

Whispir’s advanced solution for ServiceNow empowers service management teams with timely and relevant operational insights, delivered to the right person, through SMS, Rich Text, voice or conference calls.


Communication flows can be automated and prioritised, helping facilitate proactive scenario planning and the creation of robust, predefined response rules. Whispir can be easily deployed by downloading the FREE Whispir plug-in through ServiceNow.

Features and Benefits:

Resolve incidents faster

Be alerted immediately as incidents occur and reduce the time needed to restore critical services.

Easy to set up and install

Integrate into your existing ServiceNow instance in less than 10 minutes, with no complicated installations unlike other communication applications.

Reduce support calls

Streamline automated communications during disruptions to users through their preferred channel, including internal stakeholders and external customers.

Instant conference calling

Rapidly escalate issues, gather and inform teams during incidents or disruptions to critical services.

Improve customer service

Proactively inform users of planned and unplanned outages through their preferred channel at the right time.

Direct messaging

Send updates or critical information to single or multiple users outside of your normal business process and workflows, while maintaining a full audit trail.

Rapidly gather and inform response teams

Automated conference calling to rapidly gather and enact response teams and escalate issues.

Unified contacts management

Unlike other communication platforms and applications, with Whispir all of your contacts are stored in your ServiceNow instance, meaning improved contact management and cost reductions.


Alerts/communication can be sent to people inside ServiceNow and also outside ServiceNow (saving on ServiceNow license fees).

Triggered workflows

Allows users to configure workflows that automatically trigger communications when information is created or updated within ServiceNow. Additionally, functionality such as delivering customer satisfaction surveys via Rich Messages or updating cases in ServiceNow is provided by triggering further workflows.

Increased response rates

Enhanced messaging capabilities – add SMS, Email, Voice and Conference Calls to existing workflows.

Response actions

Responses are instantly passed back into ServiceNow via Whispir callbacks, and callback actions. These can be used to trigger subsequent workflows automatically with total control on the response content.

Customer Examples


Whispir delivered a resilient communication platform for both emergency and everyday situations, removing the reliance on internal email systems and manual call trees.

NSW Healthcare (OH&S, Covid communications)

Send 2-way messaging for Covid notifications and protocols.

Queensland Healthcare (A state government health agency)

Streamlined and automated communication during disruptions to users using their preferred channel, including internal stakeholders and external contacts.

TAL (An insurance industry customer)

Enhanced their user responses to trigger customer satisfaction surveys via Whispir Rich Messages.

Jemena (an energy infrastructure provider)

Proactively informs users of planned and unplanned outages through their preferred channel at the right time by extending their incident management and change management notifications using the Whispir platform.

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