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LINQ Special Offer

Covid-19 has prompted an unprecedented move to remote working, and is rapidly reducing face to face customer management. If you’ve been relying on a personal touch to keep your customers and prospects happy, you’re going to need to start thinking about how you can do things differently.

Outsourcing to a Call Centre might be an option, but do you really want to lose all your great staff, and then have to go through the process of rebuilding your team as things work their way back to normal (hopefully in the not too distant future).

Or perhaps you already have a Contact Centre and are struggling with capacity. You need to bring new members into your team, and don’t have time to work through trials and lengthy behavioural training while you’re already maxed out.

maybe you’re a professional recruiter or run your own temping agency. With so many roles to be filled, you certainly don’t want 90 day guarantees invoked.

To make your lives easier, we’ve put together a special offer that will give you every opportunity of getting it right first time. Finding the people who have the right psychometric profile for dealing with customers.

The SHL Customer Contact Style Questionnaire is now available online, and can be completed, assessed and returned to you very quickly. Scroll to the bottom to see our limited offer for the launch of this new online service.

Taking the Call from Call Centres

In summary, our SHL tests have worked with call centres across multiple
industries – for example:

  • A local government agency, to improve their customer
    service at high volume contact centres, handling public
  • A global provider of IT services, to enhance the calibre of its
    sales agents and reduce attrition in a high stress
  • A Fortune 500 financial institution, to ensure fairness and
    consistency in its worldwide process for assessing customer
    service agents
  • An international car rental company, to innovate through
    identifying and predicting desirable behaviours for its
    reservation agents

The Results Achieved

  • Call drop-out rates in the high volume contact centres of the
    government agency fell to only 2% from a previous high of
  • Attrition of sales agents at the high stress IT call centre fell
    by 15%
  • Candidate drop-out rate at the high stakes interview stage
    for the financial services firm fell from 61% to 20%
One of the benefits…. is that it helps us make a more informed decision about how an individual may work in a customer-centric environment and whether they are a good match for this
Gill Burgess
Head of Customer Service
In Sedgemoor, people lie at the heart of every single decision we make as a council. We are convinced that CCSQ has played a major role in improving the contact centre environment.
Caroline Derrick
Learning and Development Manager

Case Study

Sourcing cutting edge talent for the IT industry


A global provider of IT infrastructure services wanted to identify high calibre sales agents for its customer contact centres.


‘Verify’ was introduced to screen candidate aptitude for verbal and numerical reasoning. ‘CCSQ’ and the ‘Occupational Personality Questionnaire’ (OPQ) were implemented to fine-tune the selection process,
identifying key competencies for sales. These assessments were benchmarked against existing staff to validate this assessment package.


The solution is shown to be providing a psychometric assessment that is simple to use, allowing their Human Resources team to profile the ‘ideal candidate’. It is expected that this will also improve attrition rates by

Your next step - and an introductory offer

We’d love to help you screen your candidates and current staff who you may be considering redeploying, and have put together an introductory offer to help you do it.

We’re looking for 10 organisations that are serious about proving the value psychometric assessments can add to the experience their customers receive.

Apply now to benefit from our launch programme!

We’ve priced this valuable service at $450 per candidate / employee. 

However, for the 10 organisations are successful in their application to be a part of our launch programme, we’re offering this service for only $315!


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