In this time of unprecedented change, hoping for the best can be an easy trap to fall into. 

Certainly we should be hoping that our country manages to get through this with as few deaths as possible, but even that will be on the enactment of a robust strategy.

At times like this, we need to make sure our people are okay, and then rapidly get into assessing our next steps.

Get your head out of the sand, normally operations will not recommence!

COVID Head in sand

Are you a decision maker?

Do you consult to help your customers make the best business decisions?

Are you confident that you have accurate information to help you make changes to survive COVID-19?

We’re all going to take a little time to settle into our home offices, get Zoom or Teams up and running and make sure we’ve got remote access to the information we need. 

We need to give our people time to get through this and make sure their families and loves one are okay.

BUT – the instant we’re all “connected”, we need to desperately invest time in revisiting our strategy and business plans, and ensure we have the right resources to operate as we navigate this new future we’re moving into.

We need to understand that the way things looked yesterday is not how they appear today, and more importantly – the way things look today is not how things are going to look tomorrow.

If COVID-19 hasn’t put a rocket under you already, you better get ready for it. Pretty soon it’s going to hit you that while you know at a high level what your team does, you don’t really know in detail how they do it. 

You’ve been a good boss, empowering your team to get the job done, while not micromanaging them. Now they’re all spread all over the place, with variable access, telecommunication networks are struggling, and who knows how long all of them will be able to continue working.

You need to rapidly document your business processes, to be ready for Stage "worse than now"!

You need to understand how you meet your strategic objectives. 

Which Information Assets, Systems, People and Actions are absolutely critical for you to achieve your goals. This is even more important if you’re considering or forced into downsizing.

Mapping processes in Visio, Excel or even something that looks the business like ProMapp is an old-school way of thinking that is not going to transform your organisation fast enough to protect your investment.

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

Even done remotely as a team, on one of the many collaboration tools available, is not going to be productive enough to keep pace with the constant rate of change we’re likely to see.

Recording process is one thing, however, it’s insight that you really need

Dashboards that show you the Information that contributes to your most important goals; downstream impact of removing a person, system or access to information, etc. 

What actions are performed, that without them, would leave others unable to do their jobs?

What actions were done manually that can no longer be due to your workforce being scattered?

LINQ will allow you to rapidly gain this insight. 


"What took us 5 months, we could have achieved in 5 days with LINQ"
Paula Smith
Practice Manager

Only then can you model an alternate twin.

With a current state model built, you can now start looking at the changes COVID-19 has thrown at you.

By modelling the changes you’re making to your organisation, you can get instant insight into the impact on People, Systems, Information, Actions and Objectives and determine financial impact before you’ve made any practical changes.

– Lost a staff member from your team? What actions did they perform, what information did they produce that is required downstream to achieve your goals?

– Who have capacity and experience with the same systems and information that can cover?

– What technologies can replace those that are no longer accessible, or currently stretched to capacity.

What does it cost up to operate now, and what will be the cost if we make the proposed changes?!

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Invest thousands before committing millions!

In my honest opinion, over the last 30 years of doing what I do, LINQ is hands down the BEST tool to allow you to navigate this extraordinary time.

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We have all the on-boarding videos ready to go. We can train your team online over Zoom and have you up and running in no time to build digital twins of your current processes so that you can start modelling alternatives, making evidence based decisions.

We will work tirelessly to ensure that you survive, and perhaps even prosper, throughout COVID-19.

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We now have a clear business case for change! We found valuable quick hits and how to make a quantifiable business case for bigger changes like automation.

LINQ has allowed us to recognise the true cost of poor customer mood, invest in improving those experiences and deliver a better service to our customers…
Marcus Neinholf
General Manager Strategic Programme Office

LINQ has allowed us to recognise the true cost of wait time through our processes, mitigate that time and deliver a better service to our customers.

Without LINQ, the process of understanding the value of the opportunity to transform our business would take up to 10 times longer…
Phoebe Dunstan
Strategy Analyst
Our customers were looking for help to support a commercial rationale in moving to the cloud. LINQ provided a benchmark of the ‘human costs’ associated with such a move thereby offering compelling proof of the value of our migration expertise.
Angus Dorney
General Manager & Senior Director, ANZ

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