fill the gap

Helping organisations leap any hurdles preventing them from achieving the growth they dream about!

We offer a number of services aimed to identify areas that are preventing your business from achieving the growth you dream of.

Sales and Marketing Strategy

We’ll assist you with the development and implementation of a winning sales and marketing strategy.
Get better results faster!

Decision Intelligence Improvement

Identify gaps in your information flow to focus effort on areas of high business impact.

Psychometric Assessments

Make sure you’re next hire is outstanding! We can provide independent testing to ensure that your preferred candidate has the qualities your role needs to be successful

Online Marketing Metrics

Map and understand ALL of your online marketing content to determine exactly where your bottlenecks are, and identify your most valuable content.
We’re pretty sure you’ll have never seen marketing measurement like it!

Content Marketing

Let us help you improve the cut through of your digital content.
Landing pages, case studies, online advertising and sales collateral;
all specifically tailored for your target persona’s


Want to try things out for yourself?
Most of our services are based on world class tools that are available for you to use if you have the resources.
Contact us to get an demonstration tailored to your business.


At Fill The Gap, we understand that there is no silver bullet for phenomenal success (if that’s what you’re looking for, there’s plenty of advice on Facebook).
That’s why we start with talking to you about your business, before suggesting what’s required to get your growth curve trending upwards.
We have a team of experienced consultants ready to talk about what’s blocking your growth, and a number of tools and services at our disposal to create an improvement plan specifically tailored for you.