IQ Office
IQ Office

IQ Office® provides a complete solution to resolve Information Quality (IQ) issues in complex, high-volume and multi-platform business environments. IQ Office is available with native support for multiple operating systems including Windows, Linux and Unix.

IQ Office provides data profiling, parsing and standardisation, record matching, de-duplication, address validation and geocoding functionality within an integrated set of components.

IQ Office is available via software licensing for client side on-premises use, through bureau style managed services or as Software as a Service.

The flexibility of IQ Office enables the solution to be configured to meet your unique requirements enabling continuous information quality improvements for your organisation. Benefits offered by the software can be observed across a wide array of data sources and in different business contexts – in batch mode or in real-time, at the point of data capture.

Related Products

IQ Matcher is a high performance probabilistic record-matching engine that integrates and matches data from multiple sources.

IQ Cloud

IQ Cloud hosts multiple tenancies. Most tenancies hosted on IQ Cloud include an element of IQ Office in their application

IQ Standardiser

Standardise, validate and enhance the Information Quality of your data holdings, to minimise errors and maximise productivity.

IQ Matcher is a high performance probabilistic record-matching engine that integrates and matches data from multiple sources. IQ Matcher identifies duplicates to the user in an intelligent and transparent way to allow automatic merging of records or manual review.

“IQ Matcher is the most transparent product I have used. Normally matching software is a black box with the logic encrypted. With IQ Matcher I can see the results and understand how they were derived. This allows me to justify and repeat my findings, which is crucial when publishing research.”
– Senior Data Scientist, Canberra

IQ Matcher is highly configurable and extensible to cater for user requirements in multiple sectors. IQ Matcher is used widely across all levels of government in Australia and New Zealand and extensively in private enterprise.

IQ Matcher ingests data, no matter the quality, cleanses and standardises to produce one well structured, high-quality data set, optimised for downstream linking and data analytics. IQ Matcher applies an advanced statistical algorithm to determine the similarity between records and assigns a matching score.

Like all IQ Office products, IQ Matcher is the product of years of dedicate software development. It has been designed and refined over many iterations to increase functionality, effectivness and efficiency. As a result, IQ Matcher can scale to process vast data sets in real time or batch mode. It is stable and reliable and offers multi-lingual and alias name support.

IQ Cloud

SaaS on Secure Cloud

Intech has been delivering quality, cloud-based solutions for almost two decades. These range from full-featured solutions that provide the lowest cost to the broadest range of users, through to tailored solutions with specific configurations and enhanced levels of support.

Intech’s secure cloud platform, known as IQ Cloud, currently hosts multiple tenancies. Each tenancy is completely isolated from one another, however compute, network, and storage resources are pooled with a hybrid of physical and virtual resources.

The IQ Cloud design ensure high availability. Two geographically separate host sites run completely autonomously with redundant hardware and virtualisation layers.

All tenancies and solutions are hosted in compliance with the stringent Australian Government Information Security Manual (ISM). IQ Cloud, and government hosted tenancies, are independently IRAP assessed.

Within each tenancy, applications are implemented using a tiered layout to separate interfaces, applications and data providing additional security controls as well as adaptability, scalability and robustness.

Features & Benefits

  • Real-time functionality that can be embedded into a client’s website, mobile app or other application
  • Open architecture and platform agnostic
  • Australian and New Zealand government security cleared staff maintain the secure IQ Cloud platform
  • On-site and hosted solutions
  • Secure platform ensures data privacy
  • 24×7 support, with ongoing service enabled by incident (ticketed) management system
  • Solutions that can be configured quickly and easily
  • Built for rapid integration into any environment
IQ Standardiser

IQ Standardiser is a high performance data transformation engine designed to standardise, enhance, and validate almost any type of data into a structure that conforms to organisational standards. IQ Standardiser is typically used for batch processing, but its functionality can be extended to real-time implementations.

Out of the box, IQ Standardiser comes with solutions to standardise addresses, names, phone numbers, email addresses and many other types of data.

If your App requires a user to submit their contact details, you will need effective data validation software to support the App in real time. With IQ Standarsider in place, a user will only be able to save valid details such as addresses, email and mobile numbers, providing you with the confidence that you can contact the right customer, every time.

Features & Benefits

  • Ensure your data is accurate and consistent
  • Full API capability provided
  • Batch and real-time data platform
  • Provides data validation of any data type to improve information quality
  • Location intelligence includes address validation, geocoding and boundary details
  • Extensible and flexible data model
  • Open architecture and platform agnostic
  • On-site or hosted solutions