Meet Kaye Sherwin - Fill The Gap’s new Head of Human Potential

To give yourself every possible chance of success, you need to have more than just a clear vision of what you’re setting out to achieve.

At Fill The Gap, we’re helping great New Zealand organisations leap any hurdles in their way so that they can achieve the growth they dream about.

In fact, it is our vision that our clients outperform their industry peers by more than 100%.

To be honest, we know this won’t be easy. To achieve this for our clients, we must have an extraordinary team in place at Fill The Gap. 

Which is why I’m so excited about welcoming Kaye Sherwin to the team as Head of Human Potential.   

Kaye has spent her entire career uncovering the unspoken reality of people’s deep-rooted attitudes and preferences, and how this plays out in their ability to perform their duties in different environments, bringing with her a wealth of experience to Fill The Gap, including;

  • psychometric assessment,
  • employee development,
  • 360 assessment,
  • career development,
  • change management,
  • leadership training and development.

I’ve seen first-hand the impact Kaye has had on organisations, creating a step change in productivity and engagement by employing a unique and holistic approach to resource optimisation, ensuring the right people are in the right roles, at the right time.

Until you’ve met Kaye, it’s very difficult for me to convey just how genius she is when it comes to profiling candidates. Her ability to analyse and “deep dive” into the data behind the latest psychometric testing methodologies and articulate what this means to you and your business will blow your mind.

It’s not just that she’s bloody good at it, what makes the real difference is that she LOVES it.

Full disclosure though, I’ve known Kaye for 15 years. We’ve worked together frequently in that time, challenging each other when required, but ultimately our complementary skill sets have led to great success whenever we’ve collaborated. In every role I’ve worked in since knowing Kaye, I’ve used her services to ensure my success, which is why I am SO confident in recommending her to you.

I’m not just saying that, I’ve used Kaye as a coach personally, and have even paid Kaye to help my amazing wife and two kids with their career aspirations!

Pretty impressive right… 

Kaye also holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree (Human Resource Management) from the University of Canterbury, is a qualified psychometric assessment provider and is currently completing a Graduate Diploma in Psychology.

Kaye has added value and maintained healthy client relationships for many years with some of NZ’s most iconic brands including; Trilogy International Limited and Make Strategy Happen (MSH).

“We have worked with Kaye for over three years now, she is a very important part of the recruitment process here at Trilogy International.  Kaye evaluates potential employees for us through psychometric testing and the resulting direct feedback conversations; and the results have been so insightful and helpful.  And we’ve even had candidates’ feedback to us how much they enjoyed that particular part of the recruitment process!  Not only do myself and the Managers find the reporting helpful when making hiring decisions; but the individuals and their peers do too as they understand more about how they will fit into the current team dynamics. The profiling helps us run group workshops with Kaye whereby each employee understands more about one another and how they can “work better together”.  Kaye helps us feel confident in our hiring decisions and she’s also a delight to work with – everyone at TIL who has worked with Kaye remembers her!” Brooke Riley, Head of Human Resources, Trilogy International.

 “We’ve used Kaye for recruitment advice, candidate testing and ongoing team coaching for over ten years. We rely heavily on her insights to ensure that we hire the best people and they can thrive in our business. She’s an integral part of our business!” Andrew Darlington, Director, MSH.

I knew that in order for Fill The Gap to realise it’s overarching vision and ambition, Kaye HAD TO be part of the team.

Don’t delay – I expect the few spaces in Kaye’s already busy calendar to fill up pretty quickly. If you’re keen to find out how Kaye can help you get the most from your most valuable resource, get in touch now to learn more about our Human Potential services.

Scott Kennedy

If you’re interested in developing your team’s potential. Please email us and we’ll set up a time to find out a bit more about your needs.

Cheers, Scott

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