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Identity and Federated Search

Fast, flexible and highly scalable IQ Office solutions enable end-users to search a database and locate a record, even when major differences exist in the search input. This is often referred to as ‘fuzzy matching’ and it contributes significantly to quality control as well as operational efficiencies.

Features and Benefits

  • Fuzzy matching makes it easy to locate customer records
  • Multiple data sources can be searched in a single query
  • Security is maintained at the source of the data
  • Multi-lingual name support
  • Intelligent sorting ensures most relevant record is presented first
  • Extensive alias name support
  • Ability to fine tune to any dataset and business rules
  • Solution can be installed within custom built CRM applications or standard CRM and ERP products such as those from Oracle/Siebel, Salesforce, SAP and Microsoft
  • Significant decrease in data duplication
  • Fraud detection

Related Products

IQ Matcher is a high performance probabilistic record-matching engine that integrates and matches data from multiple sources.

IQ Cloud

IQ Cloud hosts multiple tenancies. Most tenancies hosted on IQ Cloud include an element of IQ Office in their application

IQ Standardiser

Standardise, validate and enhance the Information Quality of your data holdings, to minimise errors and maximise productivity.