Intelligence Analytics

Intelligence Analytics

IQ Office helps provide organisations with the ammunition they need to detect and disrupt all crime types, including complex fraud. IQ Office products are designed to enhance data quality, identify relationships and form connections across disparate sources of information in real time. The IQ Office software delivers a single, clean and reliable dataset to enable authorised users to visualise through any analytics and intelligence program.

Features & Benefits

  • Extract entities from unstructured or semi-structured data
  • Identify relationships and infer connections
  • Single entity view helps consolidate data that is often spread across different systems
  • High quality data and matching tools can assist in uncovering evidence of crime, including identity fraud and crime networks
  • Data enrichment capabilities can highlight segments of interest when investigating fraud
  • Predictive analytics can be built on top of high-quality datasets enabled by Intech’s products
  • Native support for multiple operating systems including Windows, Linux and Unix

Related Products

IQ Matcher is a high performance probabilistic record-matching engine that integrates and matches data from multiple sources.

IQ Cloud

IQ Cloud hosts multiple tenancies. Most tenancies hosted on IQ Cloud include an element of IQ Office in their application

IQ Standardiser

Standardise, validate and enhance the Information Quality of your data holdings, to minimise errors and maximise productivity.