IQ Standardiser

IQ Standardiser

IQ Standardiser is a high performance data transformation engine designed to standardise, enhance, and validate almost any type of data into a structure that conforms to organisational standards. IQ Standardiser is typically used for batch processing, but its functionality can be extended to real-time implementations.

Out of the box, IQ Standardiser comes with solutions to standardise addresses, names, phone numbers, email addresses and many other types of data.

If your App requires a user to submit their contact details, you will need effective data validation software to support the App in real time. With IQ Standarsider in place, a user will only be able to save valid details such as addresses, email and mobile numbers, providing you with the confidence that you can contact the right customer, every time.

Features & Benefits

  • Ensure your data is accurate and consistent
  • Full API capability provided
  • Batch and real-time data platform
  • Provides data validation of any data type to improve information quality
  • Location intelligence includes address validation, geocoding and boundary details
  • Extensible and flexible data model
  • Open architecture and platform agnostic
  • On-site or hosted solutions

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IQ Standardiser

Standardise, validate and enhance the Information Quality of your data holdings, to minimise errors and maximise productivity.