Single Entity View

Achieving an aggregated, consistent and holistic representation of the data one organisation holds about an individual person, entity or product (Single Entity View or Single Customer View) is necessary to ensure accurate and reliable data analysis.

In many agencies, data is spread across multiple systems which must be accessed individually by an operator. As a result, it is impossible to ensure that the operator has access to a complete overview of an individual at a point in time. Intech’s Single Entity View aggregates data from multiple systems to guarantee a true, current and complete representation of the entity of interest.

Intech’s Single Entity View makes the relevant information available to authorised users, in real-time, via one portal, no matter where they are located in an organisation.

Features & benefits of Intech’s Single Entity View
  • Established framework with proven record of success
  • Integrated data quality processes
  • Highly sophisticated data matching ensures accurate aggregation of entity information
  • Improved analytical capabilities; accuracy and reliability of intelligence products
  • Greater operational efficiencies; more time spent on analysis, less time spent on collection
Benefits of Intech’s Single Customer View
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Higher cross selling opportunities
  • Increased customer acquisition and retention

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