Elevate Your ServiceNow Experience With Whispir’s ServiceNow Plug-In

Elevate your ServiceNow experience with Whispir’s ServiceNow Plug-in Ready to take your ServiceNow communications to the next level.Scroll down to see how Whispir can add value. Whispir for ServiceNow® transforms service management through streamlined workflow communications bridging the gap between people, processes and the information needed for timely IT incident resolution and increased customer service. […]

Supply Chain and Logistics Management – Exception Handling

Supply Chain and Logistics – Exception Handling We caught up with Corey Weekes from Whispir to discuss how their larger customers are making use of Whispir to manage supply chain risk. We were most interested to hear how Supply Chain Managers were dealing with exceptions. Given that most large companies already have outstanding supply chain […]

Best Buddies Increase Revenue With Whispir

Not for profits Boost revenuesWith Whispir SMS Learn how organisations like Best Buddies International are boosting revenues with two-way SMS, via the Whispir Platform that automates and personalises messaging with workflows designed to improve cut through and engagement BOOK A DEMO Connecting with your donors There are so many people within the community that want […]

A guide to multi-channel marketing for Insurance Industry Leaders

A guide to multi-channel marketing for Insurance Industry Leaders How to transform your sales and marketing communication:Convert new leads into policyholders and increase customer lifetime value Insurance 2021:The State of Customer and Agent Engagement As consumers continue to migrate to the digital world for everything from supermarket purchases to mortgage refinancing, it’s critical that insurance […]

Confirming Worker Safety is a time of Crisis

How quickly can you confirm worker safety in a crisis? Still to this day we talk to reputable and large organisations, where safety, crisis and continuity representatives can’t convince their leaders of the limitations of call trees in times of pandemic / crisis. We’ve put together the following to help out. Conversations about Business Continuity, […]