What’s your mission?

“What do you bring that others don’t? The way you sell may be the secret sauce and the solution is secondary” – my awesome and very capable brother and mentor, P.K.

Time in lockdown recently put a stop to hobbies like running for hours on end through the hills, and jetski fishing, and allowed some time to get on top of the business and really look at our mission statement. 

There’s been so much happen since we kicked this thing off. Many conversations with customers, prospects, suppliers and even competitors, have led us to a point where we believe we truly have something special to offer organisations of all shapes and sizes.

When I thought I’d cracked it, I was asked “what do you bring that others don’t? Couldn’t Xero, Microsoft or countless others claim this as their Mission?”

But when you’re a reseller of software, how do you answer that. Sure we’re exclusive in this part of the world with LINQ, but not Noggin or IQOffice. 

“The way you sell may be the secret sauce and the solution is secondary”. Brilliant. I’ve long been an advocate for the consultative / challenger sale (or whatever you’d like to call it), but the reality is that “we don’t sell”! We just love having conversations with organisations that are trying to do things better, and interested in a faster and more effective way of doing it. If that results in the transfer of some software or services, then that’s great. If not, hopefully we’ve both got some value from the conversation.

So, after many iterations, we landed on something that we really like. We feel that it captures these key points:


  • Everything we do leverages the power of digital twin (why wouldn’t it, we get results 10 times faster with LINQ, it improves decision making, and increased confidence that intended outcomes are actually going to be achieved),
  • We’re focused on transformation projects that aid organisations with their PPRR efforts, or simply help them grow,
  • We only represent solutions from “down-under” and Partner with those that are the absolute best in their field, and
  • We don’t sell! (Sure, where appropriate we’re going to suggest that we apply our Rapid Impact Assessment (RIA) process to help you ensure your transformation project is going to be a success, and we love projects that line up nicely with the software we represent. But given we’re going to use LINQ to deliver the RIA, LINQ is going to tell you exactly what benefit (or not) you’ll receive from our solutions, the choice is then yours. You can’t sell better than or against the LINQ Insights dashboards.)


So here it is. If it resonates, reach out, we’d love to have a chat!

Leveraging the power of digital twin modelling, our “Rapid Impact Assessment” process enables our clients to quickly and confidently
Prevent, Prepare, Respond, Recover and Grow,
regardless of what risks, challenges or opportunities they are facing.
Coupling world-class software from New Zealand and Australia with specialised resources from our talented channel and consulting partner network,
we don’t sell, we partner to fill the gaps required to support our clients’ transformation goals.

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