Digital Transformation

Digital business transformation

IQ Office digital transformation projects have included electronic invoicing, privacy compliant data matching that enables multiple organisations to share data without exposing private identities, and implementation of data cleansing processes which specifically target the preparation of data for digital processes.

Clean, reliable datasets that are continually updated, lay the foundation for enabling effective business intelligence, location intelligence and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The IQ Office low maintenance and highly modular solutions produce the quality information required for accurate, and accessible data analytics that will produce the insights required to inform a transformative business strategy.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast, modular, and scalable solutions that are capable of processing large data sets
  • Full API capability provided
  • Real-time data platform
  • Solutions provide both information quality and data validation
  • Location intelligence includes address validation, geocoding and boundaries
  • Bespoke solutions for digital transformation are available
  • Extensible and flexible data model
  • Open architecture and platform agnostic
  • On-site or hosted solutions
  • Australian and New Zealand government security cleared staff

Download the Privacy Complaint Matching Paper