Ruru Solutions NZ Ltd has signed on with Fill The Gap as a LINQ Consulting Partner

Fill The Gap and Ruru Solutions sign Partner Agreement to complement the Partner Network in NZ

On the 3th of September 2020, Fill The Gap and Ruru Solutions signed a Consulting Partner Agreement, allowing Gander Service Management to provide services using LINQ and resell the digital twin SaaS in New Zealand.

We love the holistic approach that Ruru Solutions bring to digital transformation challenges” says Scott Kennedy, Managing Director of Fill The Gap Limited and Master Reseller of LINQ. “We’re excited about how LINQ will help Shane add value to his services, but also very excited about the knowledge and experience that Shane brings to our network, that might contribute to the LINQ product roadmap 

Shane HillRuru Solutions Founder/Senior Consultant commented that  

In addition to assisting us with our business analysis work to help companies improve and transform, we believe that LINQ plays an important part in capturing organisational knowledge and providing a unique way of accessing knowledge and information in new ways that only a digital twin enables. We look forward to leveraging LINQ alongside our knowledge management and business ecosystem expertise to show organisations what is possible.” 

LINQ is a SaaS developed in New Zealand and sold around the world that allows organisations to rapidly build a digital twin of their operations, and model alternate twins to determine impacts associated with change before any real world changes are made. Changes to Information Assets, Systems, People and Processes can all be visualised through dynamic dashboards along with financials.

Better business cases are produced, and evidence-based decisions can be made.

Their motto is invest thousands before committing millions.

One project with a large utility in the United States identified savings in excess of $5M through reduction of rework, removal of paper as a “system”, and automation of manual tasks. While a recent case study published shows document storage company DocuVault realising a $140,000 annual saving from removal of “waste” in their processes

More about Fill The Gap and the LINQ Platform:

At Fill The Gap, we understand that there is no silver bullet for phenomenal success (if that’s what you’re looking for, there’s plenty of advice on Facebook). That’s why we start with talking to you about your business, before suggesting what’s required to get your growth curve trending upwards.

We have a team of experienced consultants ready to talk about what’s blocking your growth, and a number of tools and services at our disposal to create an improvement plan specifically tailored for you.

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 More about Shane Hill and Ruru Solutions:

Shane has been in the IT industry now for 20+ years and has worked in a number of roles and industries. He established Ruru Solutions over 2 years ago to put to greater effect his experiences and decades of thinking around interconnected business ecosystems, everything they encompass, and how businesses can operate better by taking a unified approach to improvement and transformation that embraces people, processes, solutions, technology, frameworks and new / modern ways of working. 
Over the past 2 years Shane has provided contract business analysis and specialist consulting to a number of organisations, and though this process he has added further skills and refined thinking around his approaches to analysis, improvement and transformation that help Ruru Solutions develop new products and services for their customers. 

For more information about Ruru Solutions and our services visit or contact Shane ( 

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