Theta has signed on with Fill The Gap as a LINQ Consulting Partner/Reseller

Fill The Gap and Theta Partner Agreement to complement the Partner Network in NZ

On the 13th October 2020, Fill The Gap and Theta signed a Consulting Partner Agreement allowing Theta to provide services using LINQ, and in a NZ first, resell the digital twin SaaS in New Zealand. 

Theta represent a step change in capability for the Fill The Gap Partner Network, says Scott Kennedy, Managing Director of Fill The Gap Ltd. With nationwide capability, and a significant client base consisting of public, private and government organisations of all shapes and sizes, Theta’s ability to put the benefits of LINQ’s digital twin modelling capabilities in the hands of so many offers real potential to shift the needle on NZ’s productivity. We look forward to helping Theta introduce the benefits of LINQ. 

Rob Lee, Theta CEO, commented: 

“We look for technologies that provide an edge for our customers, and digital twins for business modelling is a smart way to deliver business improvements.  With LINQ’s growing success here and overseas, it’s clear to see the potential that this New Zealand built SaaS product has in the market. Our new partnership will help Kiwi organisations to develop a better understanding of their processes, making vital evidence-led operational decisions as a result.”  

LINQ is a SaaS developed in New Zealand and sold around the world that allows organisations to rapidly build a digital twin of their operations, and model alternate twins to determine impacts associated with change before any realworld changes are made. Changes to Information Assets, Systems, People and Processes can all be visualised through dynamic dashboards along with financials.  

Better business cases are produced, and evidence-based decisions can be made.  

Their motto is invest thousands before committing millions. 

One project with a large utility in the United States identified savings in excess of $5M through reduction of rework, removal of paper as a “system”, and automation of manual tasks. While a recent case study published shows document storage company DocuVault realising a $140,000 annual saving from removal of “waste” in their processes..

More about Fill The Gap and the LINQ Platform:

At Fill The Gap, we understand that there is no silver bullet for phenomenal success (if that’s what you’re looking for, there’s plenty of advice on Facebook). That’s why we start with talking to you about your business, before suggesting what’s required to get your growth curve trending upwards.

We have a team of experienced consultants ready to talk about what’s blocking your growth, and a number of tools and services at our disposal to create an improvement plan specifically tailored for you.

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 More about Theta

Theta helps organisations – in New Zealand and around the world – to transform their businesses with technology. 

Established in 1995, their team of nearly 300 professionals improve processes, solve problems and generate new insights with intelligent and innovative solutions. From technical experts to project delivery specialists, they have the knowledge, skills and determination to get your project across the line and get it right. First time. 

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