Hope is not a strategy!

Hope is not a strategy

HOPE IS NOT A STRATEGY! In this time of unprecedented change, hoping for the best can be an easy trap to fall into.  Certainly we should be hoping that our country manages to get through this with as few deaths as possible, but even that will be on the enactment of a robust strategy. At […]

Getting contact centre recruitment right first time!

Right staff first time

Covid-19 has prompted an unprecedented move to remote working, and is rapidly reducing face to face customer management. If you’ve been relying on a personal touch to keep your customers and prospects happy, you’re going to need to start thinking about how you can do things differently. Outsourcing to a Call Centre might be an […]


Prioritising projects

5 things you must consider when prioritising projects – for small to medium business leaders As a leader or business owner it can be really tough making sure that you’re focused on the right things. Squeaky wheels get oiled, mundane tasks that need to be completed take too much time, and we slip into our […]


5 ROI career killers

HOW to avoid 5 career killing ROI mistakes Rebecca Waterman wrote an article in CIO Magazine a little while back that I was reminded of when talking to customers about building a business case for IT. She highlighted 5 mistakes to avoid to remove effort and improve accuracy in developing your ROI for IT projects. […]

Business Case Revolution

end of the whiteboard

WELCOME TO THE BUSINESS CASE REVOLUTION “Change is the only constant in life” – Heraclitus In life, change is inevitable; in business, change is vital 70% of change projects fail It’s just a Bad Business (Case) Organisations struggle to overcome the hurdles preventing successful business transformation. There are many contributors that create significant pain when […]


Unlock your potential

Meet Kaye Sherwin – Fill The Gap’s new Head of Human Potential To give yourself every possible chance of success, you need to have more than just a clear vision of what you’re setting out to achieve. At Fill The Gap, we’re helping great New Zealand organisations leap any hurdles in their way so that […]


Help with hiring

Make sure your next hire is awesome! For 15 years I’ve been successfully avoiding bad hires, building successful teams to deliver outstanding results. I’d like to show you how too! I’m keen to help organisations avoid the most common pitfalls that lead to poor hiring decisions, including trusting the person that has a commission check […]


Digital Twin

The principle behind Infonomics is that you must consider your information as an asset.  Once you do this, you can measure, manage and monetise your information.  This will enable you to: mobilise your information to create new business value, create new outcomes that impact your business and your customers,  stay ahead of your competition, and most importantly,  ensure your business […]