10 ways better communications
improve workforce safety

When it comes to distributed workforces, effective communication becomes even more important. It’s essential to keeping distributed workforces safe and compliant, especially in high-risk industries like utilities, construction, mining, and others.

What’s your mission?

“What do you bring that others don’t? The way you sell may be the secret sauce and the solution is secondary” – my awesome and very capable brother and mentor, P.K. Time in lockdown recently put a stop to hobbies like running for hours on end through the hills, and jetski fishing, and allowed some […]

Welcome to the business case revolution

end of the whiteboard

“Change is the only constant in life” – Heraclitus It’s just a Bad Business (Case) Organisations struggle to overcome the hurdles preventing successful business transformation. There are many contributors that create significant pain when change is on the table; a lack of data-driven insights facts rather than opinion, complex processes which have evolved organically, business […]

Hope is not a strategy!

Hope is not a strategy

HOPE IS NOT A STRATEGY! In this time of unprecedented change, hoping for the best can be an easy trap to fall into.  Certainly we should be hoping that our country manages to get through this with as few deaths as possible, but even that will be on the enactment of a robust strategy. At […]